Sunrain Varieties brings innovation for all categories of potato production, developing varieties from lab to field.  Sunrain scouts the globe to bring producers the right varieties to meet the changing face of today’s consumers, bringing a rainbow of colors, sizes and types to meet both niche and mainstream uses.  At Sunrain Varieties, you can expect the highest quality isolated early and limited generation seed programs to both seed and commercial entities.  We continually develop key processes for improved, clean, uniform and cost effective seed. 

Sunrain Varieties strives to be the Number One quality producer of seed, specializing in designing personalized programs and protocols to ensure the highest quality potato yield.  We will export quality seed to any market and can build a market for those who use and strive to develop new growing areas.  We strive to develop a rainbow of potato colors. 

Sunrain Varieties brings innovation, expertise and dedication to meld today’s growers and consumers with the best varieties for healthy growth of both!  Sunrain Varieties brings you the varieties of today and the future!

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  • Corporate Office
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  • 5466 W. 49th South
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  • Phone: 208-520-6366