SunRain Varieties

Tomorrow’s Varieties to Today’s Customers

Market Solutions

SunRain starts by understanding what the ultimate consumer is looking for in appearance, color, skin, taste and nutrition. At SunRain we partner with high end retailers, processors, executive chefs and national marketing campaigns to clearly define what today’s consumer is looking for and providing an end result to meet those needs.

Grower Solutions

Once we have a clear understanding of the ultimate consumer needs we apply what our growers needs are to be successful from high yields, high pack out, storability, low inputs, and disease resistance to maximize grower returns. In order for our growers to be successful we have to have good understanding of the challenges each individual grower faces. We achieve this through our extensive trialing program. We visit growers throughout the yearto identify any new challenges and provide opportunities as we see the market evolving.

Seed Solutions

At SunRain, seed production is a closed loop system consisting of our tissue culture lab, our greenhouses, and our 1600 acre isolated seed farm located at the base of the Grand Teton mountain’s ensuring the highest quality disease free seed in the market. SunRain has state of the art onsite storage facilities with the ability to store seed in ideal temperature conditions, proper airflow, and humidity to ensure seed stays solid and vigorousand is continuously monitored by our quality assurance professionals. Sunrain’s world class quality assurance program follows our seed from mini tuber stage to commercial production. Our professionals monitor growing conditions, storage and shipping quality, all in an effort to provide the highest quality seed to our commercial customers. SunRain also has the ability to meet the demands of individual customer programs, including providing sized seed.


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